I am an artist based out of Alberta, Canada and I'm passionate about creating wonder.
My beginnings are humble, where I mostly worked with charities and volunteered for organizations that are trying to make a difference in the world. 

I've lost count of the number of ways that I've been blessed and on most days I try to be as grateful as I can by giving back to the world. Awaken Studios is my attempt at creating balance.

A lot of my graphic design work went to help charities that ranged from churches, places helping women who have been sold into prostitution, to organizations that are looking after displaced Syrian refugees.
The photography work and studio came from a need that I recognized. Millions of young people, being sold into the lie that they aren't enough. A lie that doesn't just come from any one industry; like fashion or social media, but also through real trauma. Trauma that rendered them unable to look into a mirror on some days, or trauma that forced them to abandon their true selves and find comfort in the safety of blending with the crowd.

Awaken Studios is a space to reclaim the spark of faith, joy and pride one has within themselves. We make art that recognizes your spirit and speaks for you.

What makes me and my comrades uniquely qualified?
When you've shared meals with kids from the slums of Calcutta, traveled to a place that exists below sea level, spent an afternoon of dates and tea with Bedouin wanderers, met some of the biggest names of television and also met a man who gave up everything he owns to live amongst kids in Somalia; you learn of the similarities and discrepancies that are shared between different races and social classes.
When you've sat night after night trying to talk someone out of giving up on life, watched someone with agoraphobia steel themselves and go protest for something they believe in; you recognize the intricate, dimensional and indomitable spirit of humanity.


Email: abel@abelwilson.com

Instagram: @blueabelwilson and @awakenstudios.yeg
Phone No: (+1) 587 982 7890
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